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Teaching Martial Arts and Fitness in Laurel Maryland for Over 20 Years

For over 20 years, Willie "The Bam" Johnson and his family have been providing the most energtic, motivational, and skills based martial arts, fitness and self-defense programs in Laurel MD and surrounding areas of Burtonsville, Catonsville, Elliott City, Jessup, Columbia, Silver Spring and College Park MD. Our approach is a blend of traditional values with modern teaching practices that offer you not only an effective self defense training, but a means of personal development, character development and discipline that can lead to other areas of success of your life. Contact us to learn more and to visit the school to see the difference for yourself!

Stronger Than Drugs Foundation

The Stronger Than Drugs Foundation is a non-profit organization led by Professor Bam to give at-risk children a way to beat the negative influences of their environment. By providing a positive atmosphere, role models, rules, structure, support and goals through the martial arts, the Stronger Than Drugs Foundation has helped hundreds of kids avoid the temptation of drugs. September 29th in Baltimore was declared The BAMS Stronger Than Drugs Day by then Governor Martin O'Malley in recognition of Professor Bam's efforts to be a positive influence in the community.

Children Martial Arts

Kung Phooey

A fun and exciting Preschool Martial Arts Program for kids ages 2.5 to 6 years old that teaches: Focus, Memory, Teamwork, Discipline/Good Manners, Self-Control, Fitness, Balance and Coordination.

Kids Kung Fu

An exciting and motivating Children Martial Arts Program (ages 7-12) that builds confidence, self-esteem, discipline, respect, self-control and self-defense skills to avoid peer pressure and bullies.

Summer Camp

Our martial arts summer camp program is designed with a special curriculum which helps your kids use their time off in a fun, safe and constructive manner while enhancing their character building skills.

Birthday Parties

Host your child's next birthday at the school and leave all the fun (and work) to us! Guests take a fun Kung Fu themed martial arts class, play active games and enjoy a demonstration by our World Champion Demo Team!


Teen & Adult Martial Arts

Adult Kung Fu

Martial arts is a fun, fulfilling workout for teen and adults. Our students really appreciate the differences between martial arts training and standard exercise programs. You will get fit and learn valuable self-defense skills.

Street Combat

This Street Combat / MMA program was based on Willie "The Bam" Johnson's life experiences. It will show you both the predator and the defender side of fighting.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low impact martial art that focuses on stimulating the flow of energy in your body through a series of simple movements and breathing techniques to help maintain peace of mind and good health.

Women's Self Defense

Diva Concepts is a women's only class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, Street Combat, Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Kickboxing in a bootcamp style cardio-focused workout that will leave you looking and feeling great!


Mixed Martial Arts

Both children and adult students enjoy our mixed martial arts classes. Learn a specilaized blend of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and ground fighting to have a balanced martial arts approach to self-defense including distance striking techniques and close quarter combat. Professor Bam is the founder of Point MAA, an AAU certified mixed martial arts tournament system.

Kick Boxing

Is a combination of cardio rhythm classes combined with focus mitt work, bag work, core ab training, and building muscle tone. This class usually helps the average student burn any where from 300-700 calories per 45 minute session depending on how hard the student pushes. This well rounded class is fun, exciting and is very enjoyable because of the class energy and music.

Willie "The Bam" Johnson

Grandmaster Willie "The Bam" Johnson is a 7-Time Sport and Kung Fu World Champion and 2-Time All-American Champion. Better known as Professor Bam, he was the first nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion and was inducted into the Black Belt Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1995. He has appeared in numerous film and TV appearances including WMAC Masters television series, Wesley Snipes' Presents Masters of the Martial Arts, Super Fights, and Major League II. He is the founder of the martial art Wushudo, author of the best-selling Complete Martial Artist and has been widely recognized in his crusade to protect the youth from drugs with his Stronger than Drugs foundation. Bam is known throughout the martial arts industry as one of the most dynamic, skilled and motivational martial arts instructors in the world. He and his expert staff have created many world champions and feature film action stars from their regular martial arts programs at their matial arts and fitness school in Laurel, MD.